Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mom Tips: How To Get Crayons Out Of Clothes

Poor Amy - she washed her 21 month year old's pants not knowing that he had stuffed yellow and black crayons all over the laundry! So we called out the "mom network" to see what tips and advice you have to help her get rid of the stains.

Carbora - it comes in 6 inch yellow bottles. You can find it at the grocery store in the stain removal aisle.

AWESOME - it's a spray that you can get at Dollar Tree

WD-40 - this is the method recommended by Crayola

Goof Off 2 - several moms recommended this and said this version of Goof Off comes in a spray bottle and they've only found it
at Home Depot.

Oxi Clean

The Iron Method - lay a paper towel over the stain and place a hot iron on top until the wax in the crayon is melted. The wax will transfer to the paper towel.

Amoxicillin - a mom said she poured some leftover amoxicillin over a stain on her carpet and it got the stain up!

Hairspray - works great on ink pen stains

Homemade solution - 2c. tide, 1c. Oxiclean, 1/2c 20 Mule Team Borax, 1c. Shout, 1c. White vinegar

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  1. Shaklee Basic-H removes pretty much every stain imaginable. That's another good option. : )


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