Friday, May 20, 2011

Stink Bug Catcher-O-Matic

Some may say this is an old, plastic Chinese food container.

I scoff at those people.


I see the Stink Bug Catcher-O-Matic.

Simply fill Stink Bug Catcher-O-Matic 1/3 full of water and squirt a smudge of dish soap in the water. When a stink bug appears, use the lid to flick the stink bug into the Stink Bug Catcher-O-Matic. After a brief moment, the stink bug will become "neutralized."

Warning, may cause you to want to say "RAWR" every time the Stink Bug Catcher-O-Matic does its job!

But, I may soon be turning my Stink Bug Catcher-o-Matic in for one of these!!


  1. Good approach. Needs amplification. To be commericially viable, needs a solid plastic structure with a screw off bottom to empty. Also, maybe a DC module powered LED light. Maybe a jar type reservoir filled with soapy water. Just some thoughts.

  2. really? wow...thanks for the information. I can now use it to get rid of the stink bugs. I really hate them. they infest in our garden.


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