Friday, May 7, 2010

May 7, 2010

Prom Season
Last night, my alma mater held their annual semi-formal banquet. All the girls got dressed up, the guys cleaned up nicely, and I got to photograph it all. Probably one of the best dresses I saw was the one above. This student made it out of white trash bags and blue duck tape. Isn't it great? I'm so jealous of her creativity. It looked just as cool up close as it does in this picture. All told, it probably cost under $10 to make. Do you remember how much you spent on your prom dress?

Thanks to everyone who sent us Facebook messages this morning to let us know that The Today Show was featuring the guys who created Bacon Explosion. We're pretty excited to have given the Today Show the idea to have them as guests. I mean, seriously, how else would they have found out about them if it wasn't for us?? Ha ha ha! In case you missed the video we made during Snowmageddon, watch away, and make sure to cook yours on the grill!

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