Friday, April 23, 2010

My Snake Surprise

Snakes. You either love 'em or you hate 'em. I land in the "hate 'em" category. I was listening to Tracey, Mike & Dave this morning, and their topic was based around snakes. Tracey's convinced that everyone has a snake story, and I think she's right! I could feel myself turning squeamish - the callers were sharing some crazy snake stories. It got me thinking about some of my snake encounters - I didn't realize I had so many. I thought I'd share this with you since I've got photo proof. Squeamish people beware!

-- Erin

My mom was looking out the window that faces our neighbor's backyard and noticed what she thought was a black snake on the neighbor's sidewalk. I didn't believe her because her eye sight isn't all that reliable. She once thought she saw "cute little doggies wearing sweaters," when it was really children crawling/playing in their front yard. We've teased her for years over this. So, here's how our conversation went:

"E! Look at this! I think I see a snake!"

"What??" I said. "Are you kidding me? Where??"

"Look - out there. On the sidewalk! Do you see it?"

"Mom, it's not a snake. It's their hose," I said.

"Mmmm...I don't think so. I really think it's a snake," she replied.

"Mooooom. It's totally not a snake. It's their hose, " I said as I rolled my eyes.

It was at that point that I took another look...and the "garden hose" moved. My mom was so tickeled and felt vindicated. My dad went outside with a garden tool thingy and tried to scoop it up before it crawled under my neighbor's house. I, of course, grabbed my camera. Here are a few photos. You can click on them to see them a little larger...if you dare!

My dad and my neighbor snake wrangling

It's a big one!! Ew!!

Look at those beady eyes!!

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  1. those are really good pictures Erin!!! good job! oh and...uh...nice snake :D


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