Monday, May 13, 2013

Make A "Skippy List"

Do you ever stop and think, "I have got to stop doing ________ because I just feel gross. It's really interfering with my relationship with God?"

Jack decided today that there are some things that really get on his nerves but serve no purpose but to make himself feel frustrated, angry, and annoyed. At the top of Jack's "Skippy List" is yelling at other drivers who don't drive the way he thinks they should. At the top of my "Skippy List" is doing other peoples' work. I have a tendency to "take over" a project - it's easier if I do it, I don't have to deal with any issues, and I know I can get it done faster. But, I've learned that I'm taking a great learning opportunity away from that person. I'm learning to sit back, listen, and give advice as needed instead of doing it for them.

Annie from Catonsville said she's putting "folding the towels my husband just folded" on her "Skippy List." She said it drives her crazy that he doesn't fold the towels the way she does, but she's going to skip refolding them and telling her husband that he's doing it "wrong" because she's happy that he's helping out with that part of the housework.

Matt checked in with us on Facebook and said he's going to skip, "being picky about things my kids do. I often forget that they're 5 & 15 months old!"

How about you? Want to start a Skippy List with us? The whole goal is to start doing less of the things that get in our way of our relationship with God and make us feel angry, annoyed, irritated, etc., so that we can start doing more of the things that give us peace, joy, patience, etc.

-- Erin (and Jack, too!)

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