Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Spend Less Time Online

The other day I decided to sit down for "just a second" at the computer. I pulled up Pinterest and before I knew it, forty-five minutes had flown by! I couldn't believe it. I kept thinking to myself that I wish there was a way that I could block out sites for just a little while so I'm not tempted to play on them when I've got work to do. A day later, I read a blog post that had some great tips on how to manage time on the internet. Here a few sites suggested:

RescueTime, available for PC or Mac, tracks your time and lets you know where you spend it and for how long.

Self Control is free software for Macs. It allows you to set a timer that blocks access to whatever site you find hard to stay away from - your email, Facebook, Twitter, etc - but gives you access to the rest of the web.

Freedom is for both PC and Mac. If the Internet is distracting you from doing school work, your job, or accomplishing your goals, simply set the timer for how long you'd like to be away and you won't be able to turn the computer on!

-- Erin

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