Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Customize Your Dress

I have the hardest time finding dresses.

Strike that - I have the hardest time finding dresses that are the appropriate length for my height.

I love being 6ft tall, but it sure does make clothes shopping difficult. The hemlines on dresses, which hit  "average" height women at the knee, hit way above the knee for me. Way. As in "who does she think she is in THAT?" way above the knee. Know what I mean?

As I was looking on Pinterest, I discovered the coolest dress place: eShakti. All the dresses are classic styles and you can customize the sleeves and length of the dress. Not in to sleeveless? No prob - choose from a sleeve option. Tall and need the dress longer? Petite and need the dress shorter? Customize it! Seriously, I'm so excited to order something from here, and thought I'd let you know about my find. Check out eShakti here.


PS - eShakti doesn't even know I exist, so this is not a paid advertisement for them. I just found something cool that I wanted to share :-)

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