Friday, June 17, 2011


When I was just a little boy
Sitting upon my father's know
I would feel so very special
When my father would pray with me.

I remember Daddy praying
Many times in his busy day.
Whenever someone was hurting
Daddy would take the time to pray.

Dad seldom closed his eyes in prayer.
He prayed while he was on the go.
He said that what was important
Was the Savior we'd come to know.

He told me God was our Father
Who knew the desires of our heart.
He longed to bestow His blessings
If we would only do our part.

We must come into His presence
With a heart that is free from sin.
When we confess our sins to Him
Jesus cleans our hearts from within.

Dad said, God's never too busy
To listen to His children's prayers.
He always has time to listen
To all our questions, doubts, and cares.

God loves when we sing His praises.
He wants to talk to us each day.
God loves for us to say, "Thank you."
For the blessings He sends our way.

I thank God for the lessons learned
While sitting on my father's knee.
And thank my Heavenly Father
For a father who prayed with me.

Written by Dennis Marley

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