Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Lawn Whisperer

I love grass. I love growing it, mowing it, aerating it, de-thatching it, fertilizing it. I love the smell of a new garden hose. I love evaluating sprinklers and their spray patterns, reach and gallons per minute.

Now, my dad was not a passionate person when it came to lawn care. So, I realize that I may be making up for lost time in this area of my life. That said, there is simply something to be said for great looking grass and perfect edging. I’ll tell you a little secret. Women size each other up upon first meeting each other…clothing, hair makeup. Say what you want. I know it happens. For men, we size each other’s lawns up. It’s an unspoken phenomenon.

There is a certain “code of conduct”, if you will, among those who value the fescue. One critical point is about commenting on another mans lawn: Never offer criticism on another guy’s lawn. I have suffered from lawn envy early in home ownership and trust me I knew I didn’t measure up. The last thing I needed was some grass seed slinging smart guy telling me how I should toughen up my turf. I am proud to say those days are long gone now. I have an emotional connection and investment with the grass. It starts with selecting the perfect seed right through to the weed and feed.

I am the lawn whisperer.

I leave you with this tip. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER WATER YOUR GRASS IN THE AFTERNOON. You will literally boil your grass. Do it in the morning before the soil heats up. Don't do it in the evening either. That is like putting your lawn to bed with wet feet.

There is a manicured lawn man in all of us. If you listen closely you can hear your lawn calling to you “love me, weed me, feed me." I urge you answer that call.


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  1. YOU GO, JACK!! There are too few like you! You'd make my Daddy proud!! =)


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~ Jack & Erin

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