Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Weekend Project - DIY Jean Purse


And with that, my 14 year old self stood up from the sewing machine, launched the pieces of the pillow across the dining room table, and ran crying up to my bedroom. Aaaah...the dreaded home economics sewing assignment.

When my brothers and I were little, my mom used to make us clothes. She'd make these cute stuffed bunnies, cows, and she even made me my own Care Bear. It was pink and had hearts on the tummy with the letter "E" in the center of the hearts. My mom is amazing on the sewing machine. Me? Not. so. much. I liked to cross stitch all right, but the sewing machine had it out for me. For real. Every time I sat down, it was something new: the power would suddenly cut off, the needle would break, the thread would somehow come out of the bobbin. My mom would sit down at the sewing machine? It'd run perfectly. I'm telling you: the sewing machine had it out for me.

I haven't used a sewing machine since that time. Oh, I've thought about making a quilt or doing something crafty, but all my plans involved the sewing machine and that pretty much sealed the deal that I wasn't going to do those crafts.

So how do you make a jean purse and not use a sewing machine?


Needle, thread, and time.


You could use the sewing machine.

If you want.

Have at it.


I'll pretend to be a prairie woman.

Watch the video...and feel free to make fun of my zig-zaggy stitches.

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  1. Cute video! Great job... so jealous of your video making skills! Next week I am headed to Goodwill to get a couple pairs of jeans and some belts. The girls want denim purses! Thanks for sharing and your handiwork is lovely. I on the other hand am breaking out the serger! xoxo


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