Wednesday, May 30, 2012

They Are Watching You

Today I was talking about how I almost lost my cool at the store the other night. I felt I wasn't getting a "fair shake" with my transaction. Anyway, as I could feel my anger rising and I was getting ready to spew a little venom but a still small voice spoke and said "Don't get angry. It's not their fault and it is not going to help the situation." I know that wasn't a voice that came from me. I knew it was my Creator reminding me that we are all his children and that we are all to be treated like we want to be treated. I walked away and happened to catch a glimpse of the my shirt. It boldly had the logo of my church plastered on the front of it. Thank you God for gently reminding me that people are ALWAYS watching us when we say we are Jesus lovers.

Take a look at this article that goes a little further.


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